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Our Company

About Us 300x200

About GBS

GBS is a leading provider of healthy sleep products and mattress / furniture protection services. We offer a full array of products and services to the furniture, mattress/bedding, pest control and hospitality industries and our customers include many of the Top 200 furniture and bedding retailers in the United States.

Our focus on exceeding customer expectations has allowed GBS to evolve into the industry leader we are today. Our team at GBS believes it is crucial to understand each customer’s business in order to provide the highest quality products and services. We care about protecting their brands as much as our own.

Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, GBS has large state-of-the-art call centers in Deerfield Beach and Reno, Nevada. In addition, we have distribution centers in Savannah, GA and Reno, NV.

The GBS culture is both friendly and casual. Our commitment to diversity has contributed to our success and makes GBS a great place to work.

Why Partner With GBS?

Furniture protection and Top of Bed products & services are a critical part of your financial performance and customer satisfaction.  GBS is a partner you can trust. We know that there is a fine line between offering too many options and not enough.  Our simple and practical approach includes a focus on two areas: higher margins and greater velocity - neither of which is possible without the right team supporting you.  Our industry-leading customer service and training is the secret to our success.

Our History

GBS Enterprises (aka: Genie B’s Specialties) was founded in 1988 as a specialty sheet producer to the trucking industry.  Through the course of the years the company has been involved in many aspects of the textiles industry and continues to thrive in that area.

In 2002, GBS was one of the first companies to enter the mattress protection market and quickly became an industry leader in merchandising, service, quality and vertical manufacturing. Today GBS is a top tier player, servicing many of the top 200 furniture and mattress retailers.

In 2009, GBS once again expanded its service offering to include furniture-related warranty programs including effective, eco-friendly furniture-care products packaged with an honest and transparent furniture warranty. Today GBS is one of the largest furniture warranty providers in the U.S., servicing some of the largest furniture retailers in the world.

In 2015, GBS developed industry-leading healthy sleep products under the Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech and Healthy Sleep Ultra-Tech brand names. These products include pillows, sheets, mattress protectors / encasements and blankets and feature temperature regulating technology which allows consumers to sleep better.

Our Core Values & Vision

Core Values

Our Vision

·         Honor God
·         Honesty And Integrity
·         Do What Is Right And Fair
·         Treat All With Respect
·         Exceed Customer Expectations
·         Best Place To Work
·         Give Back

To Be The Recognized Leader In Furniture Related Protection Services And Top Of Bed Products, By Driving Superior Customer Profitability With Exceptional Customer Service, The Highest Quality Products, Outstanding Training And Technology.

GBS Enterprises is dedicated to giving back to our communities and we are involved with more than 15 charities and foundations. One important organization in particular that GBS supports is Pain Free Patriots, which provides medical grants for effective treatment to help relieve chronic pain for military veterans. Our goal is to help veterans return to their daily lives as quickly and healthy as possible, using the latest technologies and best practices.

How we help: through our Healthy Sleep pillows, we are able to donate a portion of our profits to the Pain Free Patriots organization.  We have also made a commitment to fit each veteran with one of our pillows to ensure they stay aligned and are provided with the right amount of support.

Our Products

Protect All Plans

All of our plans are written in plain language and are easy to understand and explain.  We only offer fully underwritten programs by CNA Insurance (Founded In 1897) & Starr Companies (Founded in 1919), both AM Best “A” Rated Insurance Carriers.  Our plans offer the best balance of coverage, service, pricing and security.  Having an underwritten plan is not just important, it is critical to the Dealers and Consumer's security

GBS Offers Three Levels of Furniture Protection:

  • Premium Program (Rips, Tears, Stains and Burns)
  • Premium with Power
  • Premium with Power, Mechanisms and Frames
  • 3 Year or 5 Year Term
All Features

Adjustable Bed Protection

Repair and Replacement Protection for:

  • Motors
  • Mechanisms
  • Electrical Components
  • Contollers
  • Power Surges
All Features

Area Rug Protection

Accidental Damage that is Covered:

  • Food and Beverage Stains
  • Human and Household Pet Bodily Fluids
  • Ink from Pens (ballpoint ink pen only)
  • Stains from Lipstick
All Features

Outdoor Furniture Protection

Accidental Damage that is Covered:

  • Stains – Includes Human and Pet Bodily Fluids
  • Water or Beverage Marks or Rings
  • Rips, Tears, Punctures, Burns & Singe Marks
  • Glass Chipping, Breakage or Cracking
  • Rust that Impairs the Functionality of the Product
  • Breakage of Frames and Mechanisms (upon expiration of the Manufacturer’s Warranty)
All Features

Healthy Sleep™ Advanced Line

The Healthy Sleep™ Advanced Line of Protectors and Encasements

Healthy Sleep™ protects your mattress with a waterproof backing that keeps liquids and bacteria from reaching your mattress.  Both our Mattress Encasements and Protectors render your mattress 99.9% Dust Mite Free.  GBS Enterprises is the largest provider of private label top of bed products in the United States and serves the Hospitality as well as Pest Industries.
Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector:

  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Doesn't Change the Feel of the Mattress
  • Renders Mattress 99.99% Dust Mite Free
  • Doctor Recommended
All Features
Mattress Encasement

Mattress Encasements:

  • Easy-fit Three Piece Design
  • 5 Sided (Premium) or 6 Sided Options (Premium Plus)
  • Concealed Micro-Teeth Zipper with Patented Zip Tie Closure
  • Techniclogically Advanced Moisture Resistant Fabric
  • Waterproof & Bed Beg Bite Proof Barrier
  • Dust Mite and Allergen Barrier
All Features

Healthy Sleep™ | UltraTech Advanced Line

The Healthy Sleep™ UltraTech Advanced Line

The complete Healthy Sleep Ultra-Tech line with TENCEL® fiber offers the consumer technologically advanced products that are Hypoallergenic and temperature regulating providing a cool and dry sleep surface while keeping moisture away.


  • Chiropractor & Wellness doctor recommended to reduce pain and pressure points
  • Conforms & aligns you head, neck, and spine for a more restful sleep
  • Super soft & naturally temperature regulating UltraTech Tencel cover
  • Temperature regulating air pockets to dissipate heat and reduce perspiration
  • Naturally hygienic for sensitive skin
  • Superior wicking – 50% more effective than cotton
All Features

Mattress Protectors:

  • Temperature regulating properties of Tencel assist you in not sleeping hot or cold
  • High performance sport fabric helps you sleep drier and more comfortable with outstanding wicking technology
  • More hygienic with the power of silpure anti-microbial silver treatment
  • Does not change the feel of your mattress
All Features


  • Temperature regulating to help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Silky soft smooth Tencel fiber keeps you more comfortable
  • Naturally hygenic for sensitive skin
  • Superior wicking – 50% more effective than cotton
  • Stretch-well construction stretches to work well with adjustable bases
All Features


  • Temperature regulating for winter or summer comfort
  • Tencel fabric naturally inhibits bacterial growth
  • Silky soft smooth Tencel fiber for sensitive skin
  • Sleep more hygienic with the power of Silpure Anti-microbial treatment
  • Perfect weight provides more comfort and better sleep
All Features

Healthy Sleep™ | Cool-Tech Advanced Line

The Healthy Sleep™ Cool-Tech Advanced line Cools You To Sleep

Healthy Sleep™ Cool-Tech pillows and mattress protectors are all about cooling you to sleep and helping you reach your desired sleep temperature faster.


  • Chiropractor & Wellness Doctor Recommended
  • Ultra-Cooling Soft Cover
  • Cradles Your Head, Neck And Shoulders For Ideal Support
  • Cools You To Sleep
All Features

Mattress Protectors:

  • High Performance Cooling Fabric
  • Cools You To Sleep
  • Cooling Fabric And Breathable Construction To Help Dissipate Heat
  • Provides A Barrier Against Dust Mites And Allergens
  • Waterproof To Protect Your Mattress From Stains And Spills
All Features


  • Silky Soft Fabric Keeps You Comfortable
  • Works Well With Cool-Tech Protector To Cool You To Sleep
  • Superior Moisture Management – 32% Better Than Cottons
All Features

Process of Filing a Claim

Your protection plan will be automatically registered at the time of purchase.  This service provides you with a shorter claim filing time if you ever need to report an accident.  See below for how the process works.


It is not a question of if, but rather when.  When an accident does happen, give us a call within 30 days from Discovery

Call Us or File a Claim Online

Call Us at 1-888-585-9488 or Click here to File a Claim Online

Covered or Not Covered

If you would like to see the different coverages associated with our Protection Plans, please click here

Send Technician

We only send professional, licensed, insured and uniformed Service Technicians to your home

Repair or Replace

In the event that we cannot repair the damage, we will replace your damaged furniture.  Please click here to review the replacement process.

Customer Testimonials

GBS Enterprises prides itself in providing "World Class" Customer Service.  Please review some of our Customer Success Stories and Feedback