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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase your Healthy Sleep products?

Please Click Here for our Store Locator

What kind of pet damage is NOT covered?

Damages from TEETH, BEAKS and CLAWS from animals or birds are NOT covered

I just received a full-replacement, are the other furniture pieces under that policy still covered?

Yes, items shown on the original receipt that are in your possession remain eligible for coverage

Is my new replacement item covered under the same policy?

The plan does not transfer to the new replacement item. The new item may be eligible for the purchase of a new plan, as offered by the Retailer.  GBS Enterprises, is one of the only Furniture Protection Providers that offers a consumer the ability to purchase another plan on the replacement

Why do I need to send back my mattress protector?

At GBS Enterprises, we are committed to providing the highest-quality products.  We ask for you to send the mattress protector back because we want to see if it is a manufacturing issue or something we can improve on

What is accumulation and is it covered?

Accumulation is defined as a mass or quantity of something that has gradually gathered or been acquired.  We do not cover an accumulation of stains, rips, tears, or burns.  GBS customers will need to file a claim on every incident.  Please remember to call us as soon as possible after an accident occurs.  The plan does not eliminate the need for routine care and maintenance of your furniture

Are stains/damage from wear and tear covered?

Damage from normal wear and tear is NOT covered.  An example of wear and tear would be a stain resulting from years of use (oils from your head) or if the fabric shows normal wear

What’s the difference between the mattress protector and an encasement?

The Encasement encapsulates the entire mattress and is Bed Bug proof. The Mattress Protector goes on like a fitted sheet. It does not completely encase or encapsulate the mattress and therefore it is not Bed Bug proof. Both products make the mattress 99.99% Dust Mite Proof

What is the process to file a claim?

Customer can File a Claim by calling the number listed on the furniture protection plan or file an online claim.  GBS will verify your contact information and gather details about the claim.  If the damage is covered, we will work with our technician network to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.  If the service technician cannot repair the furniture, then we will replace the damaged furniture

If I move to another state, does my plan still cover my furniture?

GBS Enterprises has a nationwide service technician network and can provide service anywhere within the Fifty (50) States of the United States

How long will it take for a service technician to contact me after I have filed a claim?

Typically 1-5 days depending on consumer availability

What is the warranty on pillows, sheets and blankets?

It is a 2 year manufacturers product defect warranty

What is the warranty on protectors and encasements?

If you purchase a new mattress on the same ticket with the protector or encasement, the warranty is 10 years for rips, tears, stains and burns if the protector or encasement is on the mattress at the time of the accident.  Otherwise there is a 2 year manufacturers product defect warranty